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Smart Wearable Devices

A cutting edge consumer electronic device based on Windows, Linux or Android, it provides man-machine interaction solution, operating by movement.

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1. Overview —— A cutting edge consumer electronic device based on Windows, Linux or Android, it provides man-machine interaction solution, operating by movement. Letting you appreciate the new manipulation operation method and different control experience unlike anything you've ever tried before.

2. Value ——With the development of the intelligent TV, the manipulation method has changed from a single remote control into several diverse devices, ranging from the mouse, mobile phone, game pad, camera, etc. Using the company’s experience in the fields of 3D camera and target tracking chip, the low-cost interactive solution provided by the smart wearable device project occupies the market of television peripherals. The Smart wearable device project also provides somatic app store platform, which can provide a wide range of application services, extends Home Internet service field and bring a new age of convenience to people’s lives.


“Intelligent reflective apparel equipment” adopts secure infrared camera, tracking technology processing chip, general gesture recognition library and standard transport protocols. Taking advantage of cutting edge infrared sensors and advanced chip technology, combining tracking theory and artificial intelligence technology, it realized the intelligent identification of user action and postures, thereby creatively implementing the new method of the human-computer interaction.

USB camera
1、plug and play, standard HID device
2、Built-in image processing chip, needs no external operation ability
3、frame rate:30fps-120fps

Reflective Wearable Equipment
1、Easy to install on sports equipment, such as an exercise bike, treadmill, etc.
2、Easy to wear on clothing, such as sportswear, sneakers, etc.

Image processing chip:

Recognize the 3d space information by using image processing and pattern recognition technology.
Support multi-point motion tracking by using advanced tracking algorithm.
Adapt to a variety of environment by using advanced filtering algorithms.

Advantage of intelligent algorithm:
Motion recognition determines user’s motion by analyzing the motion trail of fixed point and mutual relation, and then send corresponding control command to application program(such as forward, stop, to the left and right, etc. )

Analyzing motion trail of fixed point and mutual relation can not only recognize user's action attribute, but also assess user’s current intention (control), thereby improving user controlling experience

Updating action library constantly, it can develop more complicated way of manipulation to provide innovative experience for games and applications

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