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NSTV promoted its excellent solutions at IBC2014


Beijing Novel-Super Digital TV Technology Co., Ltd (NSTV), the leading security technology and service provider in China, was celebrating its glorious success at IBC 2014 show. Much of the success was due to the demonstration and promotion of NSTV’s core products and services on how to enrich the user’s experience and benefit the operators during the process.

NSTV demonstrated its CAS (Conditional Access System), MIS (Media Information System), Screen Cross, Cloud Computing and so on at the show among which Cloud Computing caught lots of eyes and gained high appreciation. NSTV raised Video Cloud Computing concept and made it come true in China. Operators upload 3D games, remote education and other apps on the cloud and the terminals only need to decode the video and enable the users to enjoy various value-added services on PC, tablet and TV. Lots of customers came and watched the demonstration. They believed that NSTV Could Computing platform could bring them a new growth point.

During the IBC 2014 show, partners from different continents and countries went to visit NSTV’s booth not only to look for solutions that could meet their current and potential requirements, but also to establish long term relations that could help them complement and grow their business in the future, showing deep interest in NSTV’s products and services.

Visitors experienced the Cloud Computing platform, Screen Cross and praised the good user experience, deeply impressed by NSTV as a Chinese company that can fully compare with international products with its own comparative advantages. The event allowed NSTV to welcome customers from many regions, discuss about the industrial developing trend and open a window for operators from all over the world.

NSTV is a leading digital TV technology solution provider from China and offers customized solutions for cable, satellite, terrestrial, IPTV, and handset TV networks. In October 2007, NSTV successfully completed the IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, raising more than $200 million and becoming the first company in the China digital TV industry to be listed on this premier exchange. With an elaborate experience of 16 years in the content protection sector, NSTV aims to expand the world market with full confidence. NSTV team strongly believes that they can fulfill the local market needs and benefit the customers with their professional service.